Alexey Romeo - Prometheus (Inpetto Remix)

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Prometheus (Inpetto Remix)

Prometheus (Inpetto Remix)

Alexey Romeo

Heartbeat Records, a new label on the scene that was founded by Russian star Alexey Romeo, is back and proudly presents its second release - astounding progressive house masterpiece called "Prometheus". Anthemic, powerful track produced by Alexey Romeo is definitely going to turn your Heartbeat up a little bit with its massive chords, moving leads and the melody that will fall straight into your heart. Backed by a huge remix from the legendary duo Inpetto, banging, yet emotional "Prometheus" is as beauitful and breathtaking as you could imagine it to be. Press play, let your heart control your mind for once and get rid of all your fears. Heartbeat Records is here to stay.

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Episode 699