Bobina & Ana Criado - For Who I Am (Beat Service Remix)

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For Who I Am (Beat Service Remix)

For Who I Am (Beat Service Remix)

Bobina & Ana Criado

Taken from his pan-genre 'Same Difference' long-player, here comes the next single testimony from Russian electronic dance don Bobina. Following the orchestra-driven euphoria of 'Sacramentum', the trance-noir of uber-deep 'Basque The Dog' and the infectious house elevation of 'Miami Echoes', he expands the album's range again. Featuring the vocals of the infinitely talented Ana Criado, here comes the much anticipated 'For Who I Am'. Kicking off 'For Who I Am's single release, Bobina himself has expanded the album's original into a stunning mood-fused Extended version. With the intro's long held sweeping notes setting its tone, he laces it masterfully with pianoforte lines and the deep LFO throb of its bassline.

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Episode 699