Ferry Corsten & Armin Van Buuren - Brute (Armin's Illegal Drum Edit)

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Brute (Armin's Illegal Drum Edit)

Brute (Armin's Illegal Drum Edit)

Ferry Corsten & Armin Van Buuren

The track ‘Brute’ is originally a collaboration between Ferry Corsten & Armin Van Buuren, both inputting the minute details to fine tune this track into a club-anthem. If you have watched “A Year With Armin Van Buuren”, there is a segment in the documentary where you follow Ferry Corsten & Armin Van Buuren, as they briefly preview the complexity in the creation of ‘Brute’.Played all over festivals & events in the world, Armin made the track even more epic by adding in drums to accompany the buildup before the big drop of the and dubbed it his ‘Illegal Drum Edit”. Much thanks to FlashOver Recordings, there is now an official 320kbps release of the song instead of having to rip it out of sets. This is definitely one of the biggest single track releases of 2012 for Trance music!  

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Episode 695