Ferry Corsten ft. Simon LeBon - Fire

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Ferry Corsten ft. Simon LeBon

In 1990 The band Duran Duran released their album ‘Liberty’. One of the singles which was taken from this album was the synth pop track ‘Serious’. The single release of this track was also in the year 1990. The vocals on ‘Serious’ are performed by Duran Duran’s lead singer Simon Le Bon.  Early 2005 Ferry Corsten got the idea to use a small part of ‘Serious’ for a new track. So he took the first few lines of ‘Serious’ and he made his own, new version of it. When a demo version was finished, it was send to the management of Duran Duran in the US. Ferry was already in contact with them because he remixed the Duran Duran track ‘Reach Up (For The Sunrise)’ a few months before. When the band heard Ferry’s version, they really liked it a lot and they agreed that it had to be released as a single. So Ferry got the original outtakes including the full vocal parts of Simon’s voice. With the vocals, he could finish the final track in his studio. When the track was finished, Ferry gave it ‘Fire’ as title. Requested by: Ernesto Villoch from the USA Nicholas Masso

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