Noah Neiman - Coin Operated

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Coin Operated

Coin Operated

Noah Neiman

The 'on fire' Noah Neiman returns on Lange Recordings with this triple header, a release consisting of Noah's latest original, 'Coin Operated' along with two reworks of his huge 'Endorush' track by Tangle & Mateusz and LIFT. 'Coin Operated', host of Noah's classic sizzling base, is full of energy - perfect for any modern peak time set, showcasing an intricate melody with taunting pitch bend effects. The electric Tangle & Mateusz turn Endorush on its head and serve up vigour alongside the memorable melody. LIFT, winners of the recent Endorush Remix competition offer up a dub-step flavoured take, giving this anthem a new lease of life. Yet another massive release on Lange Recordings by label regular, Noah Neiman.

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