Photographer - Airport (Wrechiski Remix)

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Airport (Wrechiski Remix)

Airport (Wrechiski Remix)


Monster Tunes boldly goes where others dare to step as we present to you a very unique interpretation of one of last years biggest releases. The juggernaut that is Airport by Ukrainian duo Photographer, ploughed its way through the Beatport Top 100 to hit No.2 for over two weeks and now one of our brightest stars has remixed it at his request, to firmly place his own touch on it! Brazilian wonder kid, Wrechiski, works his magic to create a big room, progressive masterpiece and proves that a strong main hook can translate into any style of trance. Big and funky from the off Wrechiski turns on the style with a rawkus electro fuelled drop early on, the all familiar main hook is dispersed amongst chunky electro bass stabs building to a frenzy! The breakdown adds spice in the flavour of some female vocal shots whilst the melody we all know and love is finally revealed in its entirety!

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Episode 699