Tiësto vs Hardwell - Zero 76 (Original Mix)

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Zero 76 (Original Mix)

Zero 76 (Original Mix)

Tiësto vs Hardwell

Tiësto's Musical Freedom label has had what is sure to go down as one of the biggest first years a record label has ever had in dance music. On top of historic productions from Tiësto (includinng 'Zero 76', 'Maximal Crazy' and more) the label has also been home to some of the best budding talent dance music has witnessed in recent memory. Bassjackers' enormous 'Mush, Mush' was the festival tune of 2011, Dada Life's meteoric rise to stardom began with 'Unleash the F**cking Dada' and Tommy Trash and Hardwell made bids for break through artists of the year with their label contributions. Top it off with Sandro Silva & Quintino's 'Epic' and you very possibly have the best collection of songs from 2011. 2012 is sure to be even bigger and better, so ring the new year in with Musical Freedom's Best of 2011!

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Episode 698